The G2000 Group was founded by Michael Tien in 1980 in Hong Kong. The label G2000, first introduced in 1985, was positioned as a specialty clothing chain distributing fashionable men’s and women’s career wear. Today, the G2000 Group is a multi-brand specialty retailer offering an assortment of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories, operating under different labels: G2000 MAN, G2000 WOMAN, G2000 studio, BLAACK and At Twenty.

Strong product concepts and a passion for relentless innovation have made G2000 as institution of the apparel retail industry in Asia. Today, the Group operates over 700 outlets in the region covering Mainland China, Hong Kong S.A.R., Macau S.A.R., Bahrain, Cambodia, Cyprus, Jordan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan Region, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.

Product Value & Quality

With almost 30 years of expertise in structured and soft tailoring, we have built a solid reputation for excellence in quality and fit, and value for money – the essence of our brands. In partnership with our suppliers, our Quality Assurance Team employs internationally-recognized standards to ensure we consistently exceed customers’ expectations in both fabric and workmanship quality. Our unique positioning at the doorstep of the largest manufacturer and fabric supplier in the world enables us to achieve the lowest possible costs. Above all, we strive to make continual improvements to our fit offerings based on the latest market analyses.

Customer Service

In a traditionally fragmented market, our brands have managed to maintain a high customer loyalty. Over the years, customer service remains a top priority at G2000, and extensive investment is made in staff training and development. The Company offers a rigorous and multi-faceted training program for its sales staff, including retail operations management, customer service, product knowledge, selling techniques, visual merchandising, and language skills.

We believe nothing is more vital to our business than a satisfied customer. It is our goal not only to satisfy but to exceed our customer’s expectation.

International Expansion

The G2000 Group is committed to international expansion through partnerships with local fashion retailers interested in the contemporary Asian look. With the right product and the right partners, we are well-positioned to become an international apparel market leader.

Our Mission

To be a sustainable and highly recognised career-wear apparel group, by offering thoughtful design, superior value and outstanding experience to all customers in all market.

  • Sustainable: a business model that can stand the test of time; as opposed to “here today, gone tomorrow” which is the story of many brands out there.
  • Highly recognised: not only to achieve a broad level of brand awareness in our respective markets, but to be a desirable brand of choice among consumers.
  • Thoughtful design: designs that are in tune with the times to reflect our contemporary style as well as cater to modern customers’ lifestyle needs.
  • Superior value: offering not necessarily the lowest prices, but the best value in the market for our core products / categories.
  • Outstanding experience: in both service and experience instore and online, encompassing both internal and external customers.


Our Values

Customers Focus

Provides thoughtful solution and outstanding experience to our external and internal customers.


Strives for new ideas, better ways, better products; at anytime & any place.

Execution Excellence

Achieves superior results aligned with our business goals through setting clear goals, delegation, follow-through and coaching.

Collaboration & Partnership

Works as one team by staying openness, sharing resources, building a strong and trustworthy relation, supporting others and acknowledging contributions in order to promote our success.


Be trustworthy and share the same amount of care, respect and communication amongst each other.


Embraces challenges with a positive attitude; Explores and creates excitement and enjoyment in our workplace; Pursues growth and learning.


Demonstrates enthusiasm and expertise at work to drive sustainable fashion retail business.