G2000 adds new technology and high quality fabrics to this fall collection, as well as keep abreast of time with many famous Italian mills to enhance the comfort of wearing suits. Different design details are added to maintain fashion sense, come up with a collection of high-quality fabrics in both new colors and patterns to create a variety of menswear for different occasions.

Partnered mills include:
ANGELICO﹑ DRAGO ﹑ TRABALDO TOGNA 1840 ﹑Lanificio T.G. di Fabio及Vitale Barberis Canonico S.P.A.

Personalized Elegant Suit

We contribute new and different textured patterns in this season to create personalized workwear for men.

Caring for your Italian wool suit

Our high-quality Italian wool fabrics suits are made of all-natural fibre, they can last for a long time if you take care of them properly.

Let Them Breathe

The yarn is all-natural so it reacts with water molecules in the air. When the yarn absorbs moisture, it expands and this can lead to a wrinkled appearance or distorted shape. It is essential to air your suit after each wear, before storing it in the wardrobe.

Hang It Right

Use wooden hanger which is natural material, it helps to absorb moisture from the natural fabrics.

Handle with Care

Delicate fabrics need gentle handling. Do not ‘grab’ your suit on the shoulder when taking it out of the wardrobe – that can disrupt structure of the yarn. Do remember to ‘lift’ the coat hanger from the rail by simply hooking your fingers at the top of the hanger.