G2000 has launched the season’s most revolutionary new collection – TECH SHIRTS. Designed to address everyday frustrations like wrinkles, stuffiness and stains, TECH SHIRTS solve all your problems the easy way!
< Non-Iron >
Utilizes the latest garment-dipping technology to create a pucker-free fabric that is wrinkle-resistant.
100% cotton ensures added comfort.
< Dry >
Uses multi weaving and spinning techniques to achieve moisture diffusion, so you remain comfortable even when sweating heavily.
< Snow Cotton >
Utilizes snow cotton fabric to reduce contact between the yarn and your skin. 100% cotton ensures added comfort.
< Easy Clean>
Features EL FINISH® stain-release technology, so stains can easily be removed with liquid soap.
< Dynamic >
Uses higher-density SORONA® elastic fiber for increased strength and resilience, greater comfort, and unparalleled freedom of movement.
< Japanese Fabric >
Banshu-ori in Japan has long been famous for its high quality weaving and dyeing techniques. Featuring vivid colours and intricate patterns, its fabrics express a commitment to excellence at every stage of the production process, from design to cutting.
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